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WATCH: The Moment Galatasaray Broke a World Record

Turkish football is heavily engraved in Turkish culture. One of my most distinctive childhood memories was my dad doing a backflip in the living room after Turkey scored a world cup goal in 2002. The best part about that was that we didn’t even know my dad knew how to do a backflip, infact, he had a “back injury” at the time. Strange what football can make you do …

Galatasaray broke an outstanding world record on March 18, 2011 during a match against rivals Fenerbahce. Galatasaray entered the Guinness world records for the world’s loudest audience. The moment was recorded at the Turk Telekom Arena , where fans hit 131.76dB . To put things into perspective, anything above 120dB can cause permanent and serious damage to your ears, and 150dB is enough to destroy your eardrums.

This moment in football is enough to send chills down your spine no matter what team you support. What a moment in history ! WOW

Watch the video below to see this moment unfold with what appears to be everyone in the audience engaging in the intense and euphoric atmosphere of the match.

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