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WATCH: What This Turkish Woman Did After Divorcing Her Husband

  • A Turkish woman from Hatay finalises her divorce from her husband and is then seen dancing and celebrating with Davul Zurna (Turkish drum and flute) in front of the court house. She handed out baklava to the locals after a divorce battle which lasted 1.5 years. Ayten Kılıç claims she is the happiest she has ever been, and will be there for her children as both a mother and a father.

Mother of 6 Ayten Kılıç celebrated in front of the court house after a finalising a 1.5 year divorce battle. Kılıç set up a table on the side of the road handing out baklava to locals as she danced and celebrated with her children.

Ayten spoke to reporters where she shared that this was her second marriage and said “Çok kötüydü, bütün kadınlara tavsiyem ikinci evliliği kesinlikle denemesinler” (Translation: “It was very bad. I would highly recommend no female try a second marriage )
Thats some great advice Ms Kılıç !

Ms Kılıç also said that her marriage was basically over from 2 months in, and the rest was spent battling in the court house. She said that once all the drama was over, she would hand out baklava, which is exactly what she did ! She also told reporters that her children are also very happy, and that from now on there will be no man in her life. Ms Kılıç said her only focus from this day forward will be making sure her children have the best life possible

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