Which Turkish City Best Suits You?

Find our which Turkish city best suits your personality !

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    Do you enjoy the beach?

    • Definitely ! I love the beach
    • I enjoy the water view, but I wouldn’t spend a day at the beach
    • The beach isn’t a big deal to me.
    • I hate the beach
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    What is most important to you?

    • Big city ! Lots to do
    • I like the quiet locations
    • Culture is the most important thing to me
    • I love to party! Night life is essential
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    How much do you value personal space?

    • It is very important. I like to be left alone
    • I like some personal space, but I would trade it for what the city has to offer
    • I like busy areas, as long I have my own quiet place
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    How important is night life to you?

    • Its a must have
    • It’s nice to have sometimes
    • I prefer to stay in, and explore during the day
    • I just want to enjoy the beauty of the city without seeing any drunk people
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    Whats you preferred climate?

    • I love cold winters and snow
    • HOT HOT HOT ! So i can go to the beach
    • I enjoy both summer and winter
    • I have no preference with weather, as long there is things to do
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    How do you like to spend your weekends?

    • Staying home and watching Netflix
    • Partying ofcoarse ! I live for the weekend
    • Depends on my mood. Either stay in, or maybe head out for dinner
    • I like to do physical activities like bike riding and skiing
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    What would you rather do on holidays ?

    • Skiing and action sports
    • Swimming and relaxing
    • Seeing historial sites
    • All of the above

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