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10 Unwritten Laws Of Living In a Turkish Household

  1. Always Take Off Your Shoes !

This ones a no brainer. Take off your shoes! you spend your entire day out in public stepping in all kinds of nasty things. It Wouldn’t make sense to bring that stuff into your home. Note; If you see more shoes than usual at the front door, run ! This means you have misafir (Visitors)

2. Never Use The Plates In The Clear Glass Cupboard  !

We all know this cupboard. It’s filled with fancy plates and cutlery most likely imported from Turkey. you must NEVER use these. These are for a special occasion, just incase the Queen herself pops in for dinner one day.

3. The “Kucuk Oda” Is The Spare Room No Matter What Size It Is. Here You Will Stash Random Things That Will Probably Never Be Used.

4. If You’re Having Tea, Everyone Is Having Tea ! 

Making tea in the average western household is as simple as grabbing yourself a mug and turning the kettle on. Turkish households are different. If you’re making tea, specifically Demli çay, you better prepare 4 miniature Turkish tea glasses. Tea for everyone !

5. The House Pet Must Be Taught How To Understand Turkish

The dog that your parents didn’t want to begin with is now referred to as “oğlum” and is considered a very valuable part of the family. His name is Pasha, and he also understands Turkish !

6. When Your Mum Is Cleaning The House, Everyone Must Stay In Their Allocated Locations, Otherwise A Terlik (Slipper) Beating Is Almost Guaranteed .

Everyone knows that when you wake up to the piercing smell of Domestos, it’s going to be a bad day. Stay in your room, leave the house or be sure to offer to clean the windows if you plan on making an appearance.

7. When You Have Misafir (Visitors) Every Family Member Must Sit With Them For The Entire Duration. You Must Also Stand At The Door Until Their Car Leaves ,With The Front House Light on . NEVER Close The Door Behind Them As Soon As They Leave The House.

8. If You Still Live With Your Parents, You Must Leave The House Before 7pm If You’re Heading Out. Otherwise It Will Be Automatically Assumed By Your Parents That You’re Dealing Drugs Or You’re A Prostitute. 

9.Never Interrupt Your Mother While She’s Watching Müge Anlı.

Müge Anlı, need I say more? This show will have Turkish mothers hypnotised. If she is watching this show, be sure to leave her alone. This is her down time. What could possibly be more relaxing and therapeutic than listening to a bunch of rural village Turks arguing about who killed their uncle?

10. For The Duration Of Your Entire Existence, You Will Always Be The In-house Technician, Online Banking Specialist , Facebook Customer Service Agent & Will Have To Remember Every Digital Password For Your Parents Because For Some Reason Your Dad Keeps Forgetting His Password “Mustafa123”

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