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10 Things You Must Know When Dating A Turkish Woman

Turkish actress Hande Erçel
Turkish actress Hande Erçel

Turkey consists of many regions , with each region producing the most uniquely beautiful women.Whatever your type, you will find what you’re looking for. But there is a lot more than meets the eye other than physical beauty. Turkish women are known to be strong, caring and hospitable. They will always hold their Turkish culture close to their hearts and family is the most important thing to them. Be careful, because they will challenge you on everything you’ve ever known and take you on the most euphoric ride of your life.

Lets dive into our list of 10 things you must know when dating a Turkish woman

1. She Is Romantic, But Not In The Traditional Way.

Showering her with flowers and gifts is something that may impress her for a split moment, however Turkish women will appreciate acts of kindness more. Making her a cup of Turkish coffee while she’s having a stressful day or doing work around the house is something she would definitely appreciate more.

2 Family Values Are Very Important To Her

Whether she has an occasional rant about her family, doesn’t mean you should ever agree. If you really want to impress her, spend time with her parents. Buy her mother flowers on Bayram and help her father out with his garden work. Having strong family values is very important to her, and nothing will impress her more than the love you show to her family. She will always show the same amount of love and respect to your family too.

3.Be Sure To Watch Turkish Soap Operas With Her (You Might Even Enjoy Them)

This also goes for all the foreign men dating Turkish girls. You can find a variety of Turkish shows on Netflix and Youtube which are dubbed in English. We recommend Diriliş: Ertuğrul (resurrection) which is a Turkish historical fiction full of twists and turns. You can find this streaming on Netlix.

4. Men Who Can Dance Are A Major Turn On

There is nothing a Turkish female finds more attractive than a guy who can whip out some great dance moves! Extra points if you know how to dance the Zeybek. This is the most attractive thing to a Turkish girls eyes . Note: Even if your dance moves aren’t up to scratch, she will still love you for putting yourself out there and enjoying yourself.

5. Get A Cat

Cats are a huge part of Turkish culture. We basically treat them like royalty . If she sees you showing affection to a cat, she will probably melt.

6. Surprise Her With A Turkish Breakfast!

Morning breakfast is the most important meal within Turkish culture. It is a very diverse yet simple meal to prepare. Once in while you should surprise her with a Turkish breakfast along with a steaming pot of Demli çay. (just be sure to leave the kitchen just as you found it )

7. Visit Istanbul With Her

This is a MUST. They say Paris is the city of love, but walking thru the narrow streets of Istanbul with the echoing sounds of the ezan is the most beautiful experience you will ever have with your partner.

8. She’s Probably Into A Lot Of Superstitions.

Turkish influencer Dilara

Don’t be alarmed if you see her knocking on wood every 3 seconds, wearing tons of evil eye jewellery & walking in on her family reading coffee fortunes. This is simply for fun !

9.Traditional Values Are Very Important To Her.

Whether she was born in a foreign country or not, she will always hold on to the Turkish traditions and values she was brought up with. It will always be important to her that your children learn to speak Turkish and understand Turkish history & culture.


10.Turkish Women Are 100% Loyal And Honest And Expect The Same In Return.

Honesty and Loyalty is essential. Trust me, she will know if you aren’t being truthful. Turkish women have superpowers, they know everything! If you don’t show her the same amount of loyalty and respect she shows you, be prepared to run for cover. This is the only thing you must be cautious with in regards to Turkish women. They will give you the world on a silver platter, but the moment they sense any sort of dishonesty, things can change very quickly.

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