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10 Things Every Turk Can relate to

Being Turkish is one thing i’ve always been proud of. When I think of Turks I think of our  hospitality, culture , family values & our influence on the rest of the world. There’s also a lot of other things I think about… like why do we put Dantel on everything? and why is this old lady so interested in what i’m doing with my life and if i’m interested in marrying her grandson?
Below I have put together those little relatable details in which you will realise weren’t just unique to your  family, but something that most Turks share.

1.Gatherings are always the same

Family gatherings consist of the women talking about their health issues, whilst proceeding to read coffee fortunes where they repeat the same generic  things. You’re either going to a wedding, you’re going overseas or you have an enemy that is out to get you.

2.Family conflicts

You know family members who haven’t spoken to each other in a decade over something super minor.
Probably something to do with a land or house issue that they weren’t able to share.

3.Parents will never be happy

You tell your parents you’ve found a partner, and not that it’s already a mega bonus that they’re TURKISH… they also want to know what part of Turkey they’re from.

4. There is one golden rule with food

You eat bread with everything .

5. Being the youngest in the family forever

No matter how old you are , if you’re the youngest in the family , you will always be treated as the youngest. (And yes, that includes still sitting at the kids table at all events)

6.Cooking with mum as a child

As a child when your mum would make some sort of “Hamur isi” would use the excess dough to make ball or random shapes. If you were lucky , mum would throw it in the oven for you. (they always tasted really bland, but you would always be proud of your creation)

7. Your family pet understands Turkish

When the dog which your parents didn’t initially want somehow becomes another child to them, and the next thing you know your dad is speaking to your dog in Turkish, and and your mum is calling him “yavrum” and feeding him his favourite leftovers

8. Turkish superstitions

You pull on your earlobe and make a kissing noise whilst knocking wood to ward off evil. You also have a an evil eye hanging off your rear view mirror

9. Turkish twins and siblings

You know twins that have names that rhyme or they both have the same first letter to their name.

10. Taking your parents out for dinner becomes something you instantly regret

You take your parents out to eat something other than Turkish food, and they spend the whole time complaining and talking about how  much better Turkish food is compared to this “half cooked small portioned dish!” Oh,… and where’s the the basket of bread ?! “Açliktan geberiyoruz!!”

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